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Even David Brooks Gets It

Unbelievable.  David Brooks, you know, the economist who writes for the New York Times on subject matter such as politics and economics??  . . . The dry guy you see on Face the Nation?  He’s written a book about how the … Continue reading

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Co-Mediation, Advocacy and Ethics Workshop

On March 24, 2011, mediators and attorneys will gather for a mediation workshop in Salt Lake City. Over 110 were registered at last count.  Come join us for the first annual Excellence in ADR workshop sponsored by the Utah State … Continue reading

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Two Guys: Mediation and Lies

Two attorneys disclosed how they try to get the most out of mediation at a session entitled “Mediation Dynamics.” These two guys, Lynn Davies, a civil trial lawyer with serious jury trial experience, and Michael Mohrman, primarily a divorce attorney, … Continue reading

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The McDonald’s Hot Coffee Story

Did you ever wonder about the backstory behind the McDonald’s hot coffee case?  You know, the one where there was a huge million dollar verdict?  Was that woman really just trying to get money?  Or what?  Did the jury go … Continue reading

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What is the Value of Human Life?

New information from neuroscience, economics, literature, music and psychology, etc. continues to influence me personally and as a professional mediator, as a negotiator and trainer.  I often share the most recent concepts from  books I have read with the participants … Continue reading

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