About Karin S. Hobbs and Hobbs Mediation

Karin S. Hobbs, an attorney/mediator, has mediated over 3,600 cases in her 14 years as a full time professional mediator. Her mediation practice includes commercial and domestic cases, including catastrophic injury, class actions, community associations, employment, family business, custody and divorce.  She is known as a proactive mediator with the ability to work effectively in emotionally charged situations.  Ms. Hobbs often designs a process for complex cases to make the mediation process more efficient and effective. Ms. Hobbs has operated as Hobbs Mediation since 2001.  Prior to that time, she was at the Utah Court of Appeals for 14 years reviewing hundreds of cases each year in her various roles as Chief Appellate Mediator, Central Staff Attorney and Law Clerk.  

Ms. Hobbs is Vice President of the International Academy of Mediators (IAM).  She believes IAM’s exceptional training has provided her with exceptional training as a mediator.  In addition, she regularly speaks on mediation and negotiation throughout the country.  Ms.  Hobbs has published several articles on mediation and has been published in The Handbook on Mediation and a new publication of the American Bar Association due out shortly entitled Stories Mediators Tell.  Ms. Hobbs has been named in the International Who’s Who of Business Lawyers in Commercial Mediation, Best Lawyers in America, Mountain States Super Lawyers and Utah Legal Elite on a regular basis.  For more information, visit www.hobbsmediation.com 

2 Responses to About Karin S. Hobbs and Hobbs Mediation

  1. Ron White says:

    Thanks, Karen, for your insights into the world of mediation and skype. I know with time technology with improve to the point that i-mediation will be the norm. I do feel a little reluctant to go in that direction as personal interaction is so important in understanding the proper pace and tempo of the mediation process. You article has caused me to re-think my concerns in that regard.

    • kshobbs says:

      Ron, you will find that as you use Skype you will begin to pick up the nuances of Skype. I often Skype with family members, so it is familiar and comfortable for me. Let me know how it goes.

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