Co-Mediation, Advocacy and Ethics Workshop

On March 24, 2011, mediators and attorneys will gather for a mediation workshop in Salt Lake City. Over 110 were registered at last count.  Come join us for the first annual Excellence in ADR workshop sponsored by the Utah State Bar, the U.S. District Court and Bohling/Hobbs Professional Mediation.

Listen as Magistrate Judge David O. Nuffer, Magistrate Judge Samuel Alba and Karin S. Hobbs describe the co-mediations they have done together.  What is the secret of a successful co-mediation?  When should attorneys consider the process?  What are the benefits and how do you avoid problems?

John Kesler will explain his recent project on Civility, including encouraging our public officials in government positions to work together towards solutions.  The topic is more timely than ever, given the recent outrage regarding HB 477.

Michele Mattsson, Chief Appellate Mediator at the Utah Court of Appeals, will lead a panel in discussing “Hidden Advocacy Strategies in Mediation.”  With a distinguished panel, including William B. Bohling, a busy commercial mediator; Kent Scott, a mediator, arbitrator and construction attorney; Lauren Scholnick, a well-known and respected trial attorney; and Mark Wilkey, who flies around the country as Vice-President and General Counsel for Central Refrigerated and SME Steel attending more mediation conferences in more locations that anyone I know.

Mid-afternoon, Chief Judge Ted Stewart will discuss alternative dispute resolution in Utah.  Finally, Bill Bohling and I will be presenting a Case Law Update:  Confidentiality, Privilege and Attorney Malpractice.  We will review the Utah Uniform Mediation Act, the boatload of state and federal rules governing mediation, and recent cases, such as Reese v. Tingey, and Cassel v. Superior Court, governing mediation confidentiality and privilege.

Thanks to Michelle Roybal- Oldroyd, ADR Administrator for the U.S. District Court for helping me pull this seminar together.

About kshobbs

Karin has mediated over 3,600 disputes in her 14 years as a full on professional mediator.
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